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Lavish Hair Services in Seattle


Hair care services by Lavish Hair Salon of Seattle include client consultation, hair cleansing, conditioning, and final styling. Hair color prices may vary depending on the length of the hair and extent of color effects desired. Specific services include:

Haircuts ~ $55.00 Women | $43.00 Men

Permanent, Single Process Hair Color ~ $75.00

Tinting your hair to a single, long-lasting hair color.

Semi-Permanent, Single Process Hair Color ~ $50.00

Tinting your hair to a single hair color that will fade more naturally.

Dimensional Hair Color ~ $120.00

A minimum of three colors applied using various techniques.

Full Foil ~ $140.00 | Partial Foil ~ $100.00 | Crown Foil ~ $65.00

Using foils to paint color in specific areas of hair.

Bleach and Tone Hair ~ $75.00

Lightening hair color and tone to desired shade.

Gloss Hair Treatment ~ $25.00

Adding extra shine to hair (semi-permanent).

Condition Hair Treatment ~ $25.00

Intense hair conditioning to repair damage and promote health.

Hair Color Correction ~ variable

Removing unwanted hair color and correcting to desired shade.

Hair Services

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